Behaviour Express

Support for schools and families of children with
emotional and behavioural needs.

Behaviour Express will support you in school or at home to modify and improve children’s behaviour through a bespoke approach which is practical and manageable. A preventative support model has been created to adapt to the varying needs of each child that we work with.  Behaviour express will observe, plan, reflect and review with you until success is achieved.  An extensive knowledge of behaviour management, a deep understanding and experience of attachment and developmental trauma mean that we can share valuable insight with you through our training packages.

About - Amanda Briggs

Behaviour Express has been established by Amanda Briggs. Amanda has over twenty years experience as a SENCO in a primary school. She has also been a deputy head teacher and university associate tutor. She has in depth experience in attachment and early trauma difficulties. She is passionate about making a difference for children and their parents who are experiencing difficulties with the behaviour of their children. She has identified a real need for all school staff, external professionals and parents to fully understand behaviour expressing communication. Hence the creation of Behaviour Express.

General Behaviour Management training

behaviour express
behaviour express

Specialist training in Attachment and Developmental Trauma


Individual child support

Bespoke packages available including weekly in school support for behaviour.

Specialist package of therapeutic support for LAC or previously LAC or children with attachment/developmental trauma difficulties

In school support plus teacher and TA individual support

EHCP request supporting advice


Success Stories


Helping Children

Amanda has seen her strategies work with children in her own primary school.  Children who were on the brink of exclusion are now happily integrated

behaviour express

Solutions to both School and Home

Before working with Amanda one family reported their home life to be at crisis point due to the behaviour of their child.  Amanda worked closely